Terraplane Angel

Terraplane Angel album cover

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May, 2010

Produced by Ray Kennedy

Produced and recorded by Ray Kennedy at Room & Board, Nashville, Tennessee. Mastered for Zen Masters by Ray Kennedy; Album coordination: Brenda Prescott; Design & photography: Bob Delevante; Creative mojo: Andrew Vertal; Luthier: Jeff Traugott; Strings: D’Addario.


David Jacobs-Strain, guitar & lead vocals; Greg Morrow, drums; Craig Young: bass; Tim Lauer: hammond B-3 & piano; Perry Coleman: harmony vocals; Chris Ayer: harmony vocals; Ray Kennedy: wurlizter, piano & hand percussion; Shad Cobb: fiddle; Tania Elizabeth: fiddle

Track List

1. Hurricane Railroad  (David Jacobs-Strain)

2. Terraplane Angel  ( David Jacobs-Strain & Ray Kennedy)

3. Treetop Flyer  ( Stephen Stills)

4. West County Rain  ( David Jacobs-Strain)

5. Dark Side  ( David Jacobs-Strain & Ray Kennedy)

6. Trestle Creek Breakdown  ( David Jacobs-Strain)

7. Pescadero Beach  ( David Jacobs-Strain)

8. The River Song  (Walker T. Ryan)

9. How Long?  ( David Jacobs-Strain)

10. Neon Star  ( David Jacobs-Strain)

11. Dirt And Wildflowers  ( David Jacobs-Strain)

12. Halfway to The Coast  (David Jacobs-Strain)