Ocean Or A Teardrop

Ocean Or A Teadrop cover

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Northern Blues, September 2004

Produced by Kenny Passarelli

David Jacobs-Strain–lead vocals and guitars
Joe Craven–fiddle, mandolin, oud
Anne Weiss–vocals
Peter Joseph Burtt–kora, vocals
Kenny Passarelli–bass, Hammond B3
Joe Filisko–harmonica
Danny Click–electric guitar
Kendrick Freeman–drums
Mark Clark–drums

Recorded at Stepbridge Studios,
Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 2004


© 2003, 2004, words & music by
David Jacobs-Strain (BMI)
When the war is all over
And the wells have run dry
The people ain’t nothing but
Rattling bones in the sky
They shake, they shake
Like dust devils in the night
There’s no oil, there’s no gold
In the after life
Oh Mother, Oh Father,
Don’t you raise your glass so high
No ocean, no teardrop
Put out the fire when you die
That poor, poor, girl
Dragging her chains behind her
It’s a dark, dark, sun
Lights a fire in her eyes
For the promises have been broken
Like the false prayers spoken unto her
there’s no gold in the afterlife
When the war is over and the
The generals have gone home
There’s one soldier
On the battlefield
Left standing all alone
And he prays For his mother,
For his country And his son
There’s no oil, no love
When the war is done

© 2004, words & music by David Jacobs-Strain and
Peter Joseph Burtt (BMI)
Summer night, a sleepless dream
Everything was still
Heat wave, dawn imagination
Heart of sky move me if you will
She came downstairs to talk to me
Teardrop in the corner of her eye
She’s tired of excuses, candy liquor
Lovers that don’t last the night
She’s going away
She doesn’t know which way to turn
Across the rooftops
I hear her heart break
A thousand miles away
Money always bought her everything
Now she wants what she thinks is mine
In a moment that lasts forever
Worthless chances are the story of her life
Now she stands without a mirror
She’s that little girl in the hall
She’s forgotten that she’s beautiful
If she saw what I do maybe she’d stay
Love without feeling
Touch without seeing
She’s afraid she might die
Without seeing the moon

© 2004, music and words by David Jacobs-Strain,
Joseph Emory, and Peter Joseph Burtt (BMI)
You better watch yourself
Where you footsteps fall
You can walk for miles around here
And see nothing at all
You can walk thirty paces
See something you’re not supposed to see
Folks around here
They just ain’t what they seem
If you follow the river
To where the long grass grows
Up into the canyon
There’s a line nobody knows
Underneath the redwoods
Folks are digging in the earth
In the twilight
They know what life is worth
I take my chances in the middle of the night
I take my chances, I might get caught tonight
You may be high, you may be low
When the time is ready you’ve got to go
Elijah Lee and Freeborn Joe
High Sierra May, Sweet Shasta Rose
They try to keep it secret,
But everybody knows
You can mine these hills
For a different kind of gold
The world has always grown Sativa
Always had and always will
Some for love and some for money
Better still to touch the earth

© 2004, words & music by David Jacobs-Strain (BMI)
Nobody knows why the bombs are falling
Nobody knows why the black wings fly
Nobody knows when the prophet is coming
Nobody knows why the babies cry
You know I heard, I heard
It sounds mighty strange
I heard they’re gonna shoot the devil down
I passed a man on the road
I saw him trip and fall
He said “I don’t want no christ or consolation”
My God don’t drive an American car
Sometimes a whisper is like a needle in your arm
Everybody is always crying, “look at me”
Sometimes a scream is like a whisper in the dark
Everybody is always crying to feel free
Shoot the devil down
Dangerous minds in dangerous times
We you know, I heard is just a whisper
They’re gonna shoot the devil down

© 2004, words & music by David Jacobs-Strain (BMI)
In the distance, I feel it
In silence of the rain
In the darkness, I still see it
Coming closer like thunder on the plains
And in this world we will rise again
In the age of the earthquake
In the time of the wind
In the high country
The mountains fall
In the age of revolution, baby
I’ll be your wrecking ball
A word or memory (fragments)
A lost generation (fragments)
Faces of fear (fragments)
Time of the wind (fragments)
Narcotic answer (fragments)
World of desire
There was no first beginning
The only constant is change
The shadow of the volcano
A flower in the rain
A snake of a thousand coils binds us to the earth
A secret, a hole in the wall of revolution
I’ll be your wrecking ball
A memory of love (fragments)
A world of desire (fragments)
Faces of fear (fragments)
Waves on the water (fragments)
The time of the earthquake (fragments)
In the age of the wind

© 2004, words & music by David Jacobs-Strain (BMI)
Coyote in the doorway
See’s what’s good and bad
Whisper in the moonlight
Footprints in the sand
A memory of a city
Stares me in the face
I won’t go back, no matter what they say.
Illinois, I swore I’d never go back,
I’d never go back
Not to Illinois
Momma tried to love me,
Daddy left me alone
I took their paper money,
I ran away from home
Off the bus in Berkeley, 1984
People there said the right things
But they would not throw the stone
Broken plastic faces
Throw-away smiles
I got so high in the desert
Almost left this world
Nobody’s baby, anybody’s girl
I’m going back, oh Lord, Illinois
Just keep movin’ on
A name without a place
I met a lover once
I couldn’t smile to give my self away
Ecstasy and exile
I went as far as I could go
I never really left Illinois