David Jacobs-Strain // vocals, guitar, hand claps, bass (track 6)
Scott Seiver // drums / Jon Flaugher // bass / Bob Beach // harmonica
Caitlin Cary // vocals, fiddle / Suzi Ragsdale // vocals (track 2)
David Immerglück // pedal steel / Dan Brantigan // horns
John Raden // hand percussion, vocals (track 3)
Zak Johnson // vocals, hand claps (track 3)
Blake Padilla // Wurlitzer, Hammond , vocals (track 3) / Will Golden // pump organ (track 2)
Billy Barnett // drums (track 6), percussion, hand claps
Al Sgro // shaker (track 2,3) Wurli(track 1) / Bill Reynolds // bass (track 10)
Mike Brown // guitar, banjo, pump organ, accordion, casio, piano, Wurli,
sound effects, vocals (track 9)Featuring Bob Beach, harmonica

Recorded at Temperamental Recording in Geneseo, NY, by Mike Brown,
and at The Chalet, Los Angeles by Al Sgro and Will Golden
Additional recording by Billy Barnett, David Jacobs-Strain, Blake Padilla, Dave Bartholomew, Mike Vizcarra, Dan Brantigan, Suzi Ragsdale, Bill Reynolds, and Don Ross
Mixed by Billy Barnett at Gung-Ho Studio, Eugene, OR.
“Josephine” mixed by Beau Sorenson at Flora Recording & Playback, Portland, OR
Mastered by Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters, Memphis, TN
Produced by David Jacobs-Strain and Mike Brown

All songs by David Jacobs-Strain
1. All In My Head
2. Broken Bell
3. Try To Break My Heart
4. Golden Gate
5. Raleigh
6. Looking For A Home
7. Broken Hearts Lost & Found
8. Dream On
9. Daphne Odora
10. Josephine